May 17, 2013

what was i thinking?

recently i have been thinking what was i thinking when i was planning to blog regularly, or to blog at all...or to get anything done other than changing diapers, nursing, singing lullabies, rocking, cooking, running around a toddler begging her not to wake the baby, taking pictures, doing the dishes, the laundry, filming my babies, and loving them to death. 

but as i said when i started this blog, i am not fully satisfied with myself unless i am working on a creative project. so there have been days when i have felt empty, but also days like today when i find the time and energy to achieve tangible results and meet deadlines. yes! deadlines! what was i thinking?

i can't share much at this point, but here's a little peak into one of the designs i am developing for a line of kids' products.

i have also been obsessed with worms. but you will have to wait to hear all about those. hopefully a day like this will come by again soon. when i can just listen to the birds, sip tea, blog away, and miss my sleeping babies.


  1. Alik... I love the way you write, it feels you are talking in my head ;)
    This is a gorgeous kid's print!!! Can't wait to see the rest :D

  2. Love the design! I so adore yellow at the moment too! Here's to many more days listening to birds sing, babes sleeping, sipping tea and designing :D (btw worms? :D)

  3. Alik... you are doing a super job. I don't know where you find the time to meet deadlines. Good luck with work projects and enjoy those little ones :)