August 3, 2014

a very quick note about a quick challenge

today i had a few minutes to spare for one of my favorite activities: painting.
first, i set myself these rules:

  1. no corrections, no layering
  2. don't over think, be quick and intuitive, don't plan
  3. share whatever the result, no judging

then i painted this:

this was fun and liberating.
looking back, the black dots where a bad idea (i make the rules and it's ok to judge after it's done and shared. please feel free to judge!).


  1. Actually, I'm enjoying the black dots as a suggested path through the painting- Reminds me of a child's treasure map through the back yard :)

  2. Nice!! I like the dots, too — the piece is more interesting with them included. What JoeLeone said!

  3. I agree! I was immediately drawn in by the trail and actually sat a minute and followed it with my eyes from start to finish. You are the true judge, but I think they slowed me down and helped me pay attention. Wonderful work!