August 16, 2014

meet the royals

there are many things i'm not sure about, but one thing i know: i just love to make pictures. i'm happy when i make them, and sad when i don't, it's that simple.

these faces had been waiting in my sketchbook for far too long:

giving them color had been on my mind since the day i sketched them, and today i managed to do that in between all the dirty diapers, tantrums, fevers, and everything else that happens on a sunny saturday.

i even surprised myself and added another member to the family:

not sure what's going to happen to them now, if anything. in any case, they will have to wait for a couple more months, at least.

what's that?
you're tired of waiting?
well, that's too bad because i'm also tired. yesterday i walked out of the supermarket with my shopping bag waiting for me by the cash register. the other day i put my baby son's shorts on my 3.5 year old daughter. and i only stopped because she started laughing. so you will wait your turn, and i will get back to you when i can. believe me, i want to more than you can imagine:)

this was me, unedited. will post now before i start feeling silly.

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