March 12, 2013

doodling in the waiting room on a tuesday afternoon

in the unlikely event that i got any of you worried (didn't blog on monday), all is well. i was just busy having fun and going a little crazy with my family. today was also a very busy day, i had too many appointments and errands to take care of for it to be a productive one, but while i was waiting for my midwife (at 37 weeks, any day is fair game now!) i made these doodles, trying to develop one more pattern for my floral collection which is slowly coming together.

floral collection doodles

and here's what it looks like at this point.

flower bed pattern in progress

i will share the whole collection on my website, which will be ready a little later than planned, but before the end of march. check this space for updates. and in case i don't blog on a day i am supposed to (monday, wednesday, friday) i am either going crazy, or having a baby, or both.

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