March 25, 2013

random post about random things

today was a "too many different things to do" kind of day, and i kept jumping from one thing to the next, without focusing on each one fully. so i ended up with various creative activities, none of them life changing, but they're all i've got - in addition to paying the bills, my longer than necessary trip to the post office, irrelevant errands and useless phone call to the city hall, among many other time wasting, life sucking but "somebody's gotta do it" kind of chores.  anyway, here's the more exciting stuff that i did:

i worked on coordinates for some of my patterns for a potential client. this is one of them. pretty straight-forward.

indiabound | dots

indiabound | circles

then i researched composting (i am illustrating an environmental newsletter for kids), and i came across the work of Tonwen Jones, an illustrator based in Brighton, UK. i just loved her work! here's a screenshot of her website.

illustrator Tonwen Jones

and for some reason i was dying to try my crayon scribble warm-up technique in photoshop. i never have food cravings, so maybe i'm someone who has creative cravings when pregnant (yes, we're still pregnant here). here's some of the stuff that happened. and i think i like it.

photoshop bird
photoshop flower

thanks for reading.
here's to a more focused day tomorrow!

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