March 18, 2013

it's here! it's here!

relax. i am not talking about the baby. but my virtual baby is here, aka the studio aliQue website i have been working on for weeks. the planned "due date" was march 15, which means this baby is only 3 days late, which in turn means i have accomplished my goal for this month almost on time! it might not sound like a huge deal, but to me, it is. it means i can now relax a little, get ready for my real baby, spend the evenings with my husband instead of my laptop, and remember to nourish myself with something other than tea.

here's a snapshot. please do visit when you get a chance, and let me know what you think.

the launch of my website coincided with another bit of good news. this morning i found out my work was featured on design juices, a creative blog which showcases designers, illustrators, and photographers from around the world.

design juices feature

so, what's next?

apart from having a baby and the giant illustration project i have been commissioned to work on in the coming months, i have a few goals for the next quarter and beyond.

  • april: have baby and take it easy. contact a few blogs for a possible feature.
  • may: develop one new collection. maybe try to visit Surtex in NY (with the baby in the moby wrap) - but don't stress out about it!
  • june/july: develop another collection and open society6 shop.
  • by the end of 2013: find an agent.

let's see if everything will happen when they are supposed to happen. as for you, little person who keeps me awake at night, now that my website is done, feel free to pop out any day, baby!


  1. Alik… LOOOOOOVE IT!!! and I just fell even more in love with your work… it is FAB! :)

  2. Alik, I love your clean, simple and effective style. Considering that the site was faithful to it, you're definetely on a winner-winner situation: a gorgeous site apropriately exhibiting a great style all over it. And you even commit publicly with the next tasks? Well, a role model you are. Good luck with all the challenges ahead, but I think you're wise and know how to face than in a gorgeous way too! All the best.