March 8, 2013

flower girl

today was crazy and the weekend is only going to get crazier and crazier. so i decided to take a break from sitting in front of my laptop for hours (i have been working on my website), and do some painting instead. this project has been waiting to be completed for...two years. yes, two! i had prepared a pregnancy album after the birth of our daughter, and have been planning to decorate its cover for, well, two years, but it was just not a priority. so it was the perfect project to work on a snowy and quiet day. not that quiet, really, with the hum of the dryer, the hiss of the radiators, and the constant beeping of the snow plow going back and forth our dead end street, there was no shortage of noise, but my mind was quiet, which was exactly what i needed.

one of the reasons i kept postponing this is that i had no idea what to paint. since i've been working on florals lately, and since aiki (my daughter's name) means vineyard or orchard in armenian, i decided to decorate it with a version of my recent "flower play" pattern.

i still have to decorate the inside pages, but that will have to wait another 2 years.


  1. Two years is not a long time... I have loads of projects like that. Lovely stuff can't wait to see your website!