March 13, 2013

the view from my chair

still working on flowers. there are layers of doodles on my wall.

floral collection sketches (and drawings by my nephews)

some of yesterday's tiny drawings are finding their way into the floral collection. it looks like they will be coordinating patterns.

flower buds

i enjoy working like this. not that i don't have a plan, i do have a rough idea about what i want the collection to look like (after all, i did have a moodboard at the beginning), but i really like watching how things evolve and the patterns design themselves, almost. this is not how i used to work. when creating my illustrations, i would tune up a composition for hours or days, and then i was somehow stuck with it, and the work didn't always feel like mine. now i can finally say i have found my voice. hopefully someone, somewhere, someday, will hear it!

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