July 12, 2013

the truth about watermelons

i will try not to apologize for not blogging. i usually apologize for anything, being 2 minutes late, being 2 minutes early, even for being on time! but not today. i have been busy busy busy and something had got to give, and it wasn't going to be feeding my baby, so...

speaking of food, for some obscure reason i have been receiving Rachael Ray cooking magazines i haven't subscribed to, and although i find nothing in there that inspires me to cook,  the other day i saw these beautiful photos in the latest issue:

"get fresh with watermelon", photos by Plamen Petkov

they now live on my wall and have inspired me to start a new collection: fresh! here's the first pattern.


so this week's first lesson is: never underestimate the usefulness of a useless cooking magazine.

lesson two: it turns out watermelon is a vegetable and not a fruit.

at least you did not read this post in vain... (can you discern the subtle apology? i can't help myself, can i?)