February 18, 2015

how to draw a cute snail

the other day i needed to draw a soccer ball, and was having trouble figuring the pattern out, so i looked it up online, and found very clear instructions called "how to draw a soccer ball", which is what i had googled. i know i would have been criticized (to put it mildly) in art school for doing this but i am no longer in art school… plus, i really had no time and energy to sit down and sketch a soccer ball for who knows how long…

i also had to draw a snail. that, i know how to do:) i just love to draw these "gastropods" (had to google that too, obviously!), and i just created instructions for one of the ways i draw them. go ahead and copy if you like it, just as i copied the soccer ball!

how to draw a snail

and of course don't forget to color!

happy gastropod

you can share your snails on my facebook page if you like!