June 25, 2014

without the blah blah blah

i know i haven't blogged for longer than it makes sense. don't have the time. not blogging defeats the purpose of having a blog, i know that too. just give me time.

i recently overheard a young girl, she must have been around 7 or 8, walking through Harvard Yard with her parents, saying "i don't want to go to Harvard. i do want to go to a good school, but one, you know, without the blah blah blah…" that's a line i will never forget. there is too much blah blah blah in this world anyone can handle.

so without any more of that, here's what i recently did: five giant illustrations for my daughter's end of school year performance, each animal couple representing a class. 

crocodile rock'n roll

elephant cha cha 

giraffe charleston

lion kochari (armenian circle dance)

monkey twist

i really enjoyed making them, working for hours in absolute silence without having to change a diaper, or feed, or talk, or smile.

who knows when i will sit down for a minute and blog again.
please, do keep in touch and blah blah blah.