February 7, 2014

with a little help from my friends

last time we spoke, i was painting coffee. i still am, and it has become an addiction. but i'm not going to show any. why? it turns out i shouldn't be showing so much of my work. why? because clients prefer work that has not been seen before. i found out about this recently when i entered the together again: minted+west elm design challenge

now, did you like my introduction? was it subtle enough? i don't think so. please, if you have the time and desire, please do check my entries, and if you like them, please do vote for them! thank you!

i don't want to make you regret you read this post and wasted your time, so here's a little example of my current work. just a tiny little example, the rest is in a waterproof, airtight, insulated, bolted safe.

dream garden, gouache on paper, 2014

(and please, please, do vote!)