October 3, 2013

other than pasta

it's been so long that i thought i wouldn't be able to log in. so, what do i have to say for myself? not much, except that i have been absent online, only because i have been present 24/7 offline. i hope you would agree that cultivating my real self (and its little dependents) is more important than embellishing the virtual one. even if "cultivating" means mainly "feeding". somebody's got to do it, and doing it right is a full-time job. having said that, i always try to make some time to make something other than supper. here's what i did lately: my submissions to the bologna children's book fair illustrators' exhibition which i enter every year hoping this will be the year when someone thinks my work is worth showing.

the series is called "rainy days" and it had been on my mind for a while.






are they any good? i like them, otherwise i wouldn't submit and share them, obviously.

i am not sure when i will be back online. hopefully soon. when i make something i like. other than pasta.