November 10, 2013

i've gotta do what i've gotta do...

warning: this post will be pure and shameless self-promotion (well, the whole concept of a personal blog is self-promotion in a way, but you know what i mean).

if, unlike me, you're the proud owner of a member of  the iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Galaxy families, (or know someone who is), and would like to dress them up for the holidays (or would simply like to know what i am so excited about), you can now check out my collection for the amazing Keka cases.

here are my favorites (all images courtesy of Keka):

do you have a favorite?

i am currently working on new designs, is there something you would like to see?

and in case my designs are not your style, you can check out the collections of fellow designers Esther Cox, Kathryn Pledger, Simi Gauba, Nicole Tamarin, Onneke, Zoe Attwell, among many, many others. it's such a diverse group of designers, there is something for everyone!

end of self-promotion. done.