April 3, 2014

(the slow) march of the penguins...

before you start reading this brief post, please know that it was written over the course of 7 non-consecutive days. on the first day, i just managed to type the title. i later edited it on day 4. welcome to the secret life of mothers.

on day 2, here's what i typed:
when our daughter was born three years ago, like every new parent, we wanted to surround her with objects that would stimulate her, etc etc etc, and thought about getting these wonderful animal art cards by wee gallery:

art cards for baby, original collection, by wee gallery

but then i thought, why buy stuff when i can make stuff? so i painted these black and white animal friends for her on little white canvass boards. she loved them and so did our baby son, born 2 years later.

animal friends paintings, december 2010

he also got the art cards as a gift!

art cards for baby, sea collection, by wee gallery

but there was one little problem. he is crazy about penguins, and there were no penguins in the series. so i had to make one:

penguin in the snow

on day 3, i took some of the photos that accompany this post. did not have time to upload.

on day 4, i took the rest of the photos and managed to upload.

on day 5, this is what i wrote:
since he liked my penguin painting, i made these wall decals for him using black and yellow contact paper i bought at the hardware store. they will come off the wall easily once this penguin obsession is over:

penguin wall decal

the simple penguins were inspired from my sketchbook:

penguin happy, penguin sad

the sketches above were also the starting point for a new pattern i developed in photoshop, which i entered in the Tigerprint Black and White Pattern Competition, since it was the only black and white print i had on hand:

on day 6, i typed a few more sentences:
i've been trying to blog since morning, but teething toddlers are too demanding. so i'm speed-typing this at as he tries to bring down the floor lamp. the last manifestation of our penguin obsession was this simple birthday cake i made for him. not sure he even noticed it:

on day 7
did she rest? of course not! added all the links, made final edits, and will hopefully publish momentarily.

as i said before: welcome to the secret life of mothers, where time stretches and flies at the same time.