December 6, 2013

a matter of time

i don't know much about the theory of relativity, but my perception of the time i spend working/creating seems very relative to me. here's my observation: when you're a work-at-home parent, the time you can spend on work is short. so each project seems to take longer. obviously you're spending the same amount of total time to accomplish a given task, but the increments are so small that time seems to stretch. so you have less time, but spend the same amount of time, and then feel like you're spending more time. how is that for relativity?

i came to this realization recently, when i made this tiny painting for a friend who needed it for a school fundraiser. each picture below was taken on a different day.

day 1: sketch

day 2: color palette

day 3: start painting

day 4

day 5

day 6

day 7: done!

i am still confused about time, though...does it really stretch when you have kids? or does it fly? which one is it? maybe both? neither?

or maybe there's just no such thing as time…hmmm…i don't really care as long as i can make time for painting.