February 1, 2013

it finally happened: i have a blog

this blog is not about my personal life, but i am starting it for personal reasons; i am starting this blog to make sure i keep on creating something every day. as the mother of a 2 year old girl, and  with another baby joining us in a couple of months, i am anxious that my time and energy will soon drain into the black hole of everyday moments. and although i cherish these moments, i am not fully satisfied with my day unless i have designed, made, painted something, or at least spent time thinking about it. how will this blog help me?  i am hoping a few daily lines or images documenting my work, inspirations, process, ideas or plans will keep me focused on what i love to do. it will give me the sense, however delusive, that i am in control of my day, my life. and that will make me happy. 

i love to make lists and here's one about my goals for the first months of 2013.
  • i just opened a little Etsy shop, which was my goal for january. that's done. you can take a look at it here
  • february's goal was to start a blog, and that's also done.
  • need to complete work on 10 pattern collections by march. working on it.
  • march 15 is the day when my website needs to be launched. not even close.
  • and then i'll have this baby around april first. that's inevitable. then we'll go from there...
to do list, january 2013

and what was i up to today? i started painting these tabs to separate each month's photos in last year's photo box. i think they're more fun than the plastic ones that came with the box. should have more of them tomorrow evening, hopefully.

january tab for photo box (written in armenian)


  1. Wow, I can so relate to what you have written, I have a 2 & a 3 year old, and I agree you have to keep something / do something just for yourself (as hard as it is). Don't feel bad though if you don't hit the self imposed deadlines, you never know what going to happen with kids around. kx

  2. Congrats on your new blog Alik, love your header and mini portfolio. Good luck with all your goals!