January 23, 2014

i blog therefore i am

yes, i am still around. getting more philosophical by the day - i have to, if i need to accept that for the time being, 95% of my creativity (or whatever's left of it), will be spent on how to make my 10 month old sit down for longer than 2 minutes.

yes, i do exist. even as a shadow of myself. even if i don't feel great. nothing life threatening, but i am slowly convalescing from a hyperactive thyroid which, as it turns out, was the reason, why, well...i haven't felt great lately.

i am at our kitchen table (as opposed to my desk) around which most of my life revolves lately, and i am slowly realizing it's not a bad thing, after all. i remember having read an essay by an armenian writer (or rather my grandfather reading it to us as he did every sunday afternoon, oh, happy days), who was forced to write in the kitchen. and he noticed that the armenian word for kitchen (khoh-a-nots) contains the word "khoh" in it, which means "thought". so here's where thoughts are peeled, deconstructed, chopped, mixed, simmered, and savored. and here's where my idea for the coffee paintings took shape:

since a day doesn't go by where i don't wake up and make myself an espresso, i should not let a day go by without painting a cup of coffee.

well, i haven't really stuck to it (the painting part of it, obviously), but i am doing my best, considering.

here are a few of the many i have been painting over the past month. i do have a plan for these guys. but first i must be able to leave this kitchen.

enjoy your coffee. enjoy your day.


  1. I adore your prints, Alik. On top of that, although I am not a native english speaker, I find myself always enchanted by your way of writing. You have writing skills that make the reader feel abandoned once you leave the kitchen. Don´t!

    1. thank you Bethania! i hope to blog more often in the near future - i do enjoy it a lot! glad you like my writing!

  2. Love this post and your drawings, Alik....it reminded me of when my kids were that age and I felt my brain was shrinking :-)

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  4. Having my morning espresso right now and a read of your blog:) You seem to be doing well from the kitchen. Keep in touch! julie

  5. Love your post and your coffee musing!

  6. Hi Alique -- I am glad you are coming back, little by little. I always enjoy your blog and your work. Paree dessank!

  7. I remember the feeling well Alik! I had a 1 & 2 year old when I started the ABSPD courses and still not sure how I made it through. I remember keeping a notebook close by to scribble in any second I could. Never had time to sit & scan things in, so I would take photos with my phone to import! Don't worry, your passion will lead you where you are supposed to be, at the right time :) feel better. xx Femi

  8. Hope you feel better soon. In the meantime keep painting (and drinking) coffee!