January 21, 2015

what i made today

happy new year!
it hasn't been very happy so far, as far as the world goes…
and it's no longer new, since it's been 3 weeks…
still, it's my first post of the year, so i hope the year 2015 will be a good one from now on.

in any case…here i am writing my first post of the year, after having read the first blog post i ever wrote 2 years ago, and i have the feeling i have forgotten what the purpose of this blog was: to make sure i make something everyday and share it with whoever is listening. for the past 3 months, i have been making so many things, yet i have kept them in my sketchbooks and laptop. not sure why - i probably didn't deem them important enough, or good enough, but that's not what it's all about. it's not just about the good things i've done, the great things i plan to do, the extraordinary things i dream about doing…it's about showing what i've done, whatever it is.

so here's what i made today. a small village of friendly houses. a place where everybody knows everybody.

i did not make any new year resolutions this year. but i will try to remember and share what i make, if not everyday, at least once a week. the truth is, i really like to know what you think about what i make:)

so let me know!

1 comment:

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