February 27, 2013

a parade of flowers

it's been raining since morning. my daughter and i stayed home and painted all day. here's one of the things that she made:

as for me, i made more flowers.

i am enjoying this new blogging pace. it gives me enough time to get some meaningful work done, and keeps me motivated, focused, and inspired to try new things. this weekend i started designing the motifs for a "bold" flower pattern. my wall is now covered with marching flowers:

bold flower motif development

and here are the fittest that survived and made it to illustrator:

bold flower motifs edited in illustrator

i am not sure what this pattern will end up like, but i want to call it "flower people" as opposed to the other day's "flower sticks"

the playful pattern in the series is next. i love the sight of a blank page, and i am looking forward to a few productive hours tomorrow.

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