February 19, 2013

the corner of my desk

as i said yesterday, i couldn't wait to start developing the motifs for the 50's inspired floral collection. so that's just what i did, and i have to say this is the part that i enjoy most. i love drawing the same motifs over and over, and seeing how they evolve. it is a very intuitive process for me, and i love every minute of it. below is a snapshot of my desk today.

floral collection motif development (and Ikea PATRULL corner bumper in case you're wondering)

i sketch on a pad of white paper, it gives me the freedom to immediately discard drawings i don't like. at the end of each project, i collect all the loose sheets of paper and keep them in a separate folder. the small sketchpad is always in my bag, for drawing on the go. a sketchpad as opposed to a sketchbook gives me the option to tear the sheets and keep them with the rest of my drawings. for example, these ball point pen sketches were done while waiting for my haircut appointment today. after many years of wasting a lot of money on specialized sketching tools and sophisticated looking sketchbooks, i finally came to the conclusion that my favorites were the mechanical pencil, ball point pen and just plain old white paper.

now, if you allow me, i will stop typing and go back to drawing. 


  1. Very nice and pretty sketches, and equally nice is the way you have told here about the 'same old tools''......... love your work !

  2. Cute little sketches, great way of collecting ideas.