February 22, 2013

less talk, more do

today i realized i am really behind in one of my most important goals: the design of my website, which i want to launch in mid-march. i decided to dedicate the next couple of weeks to getting all my collections ready for the website. but before embarking on this giant project, i wanted to complete an unfinished one. below are the 12 tabs for our family's 2012 photo box i had started working on when i began blogging three weeks ago.

2012 photo box tab project

i will need every free minute i have to accomplish this goal on time. so i have decided to blog a little less often - after all, the purpose of this blog is to help me focus on my goals, not keep me from achieving them. for the time being, i will be blogging on monday, wednesday, and friday evenings. in case anyone out there is following this blog, you can like my page on facebook, follow me on twitter, or subscribe to this blog by clicking on the links to the left, if you wish.

oh, and my favorite tab is the one for the month of june (blue cloud and red balloon).

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