February 4, 2013

i am reminded of an important decision i have to make

the photo box project is slowly advancing. i am working without thinking too much, and that's always fun.

may tab for photo box (april tab in background)

painting these flowers reminded me of this illustration i had done a few years back for a kids' magazine (see below). which in turn reminded me that i still need to add a mini portfolio page of my illustrations on this blog. currently, you can see my illustrations on alikart.com (in need of a massive update). 

flower | march 2010 

i need to figure out how to present my surface pattern collections and illustrations side by side on the same website...would they work together or should i have separate websites? it's a good question, to which i am hoping to find an even better answer asap!


  1. Alik I don't see a problem with them being on the same site. Give them seperate pages. For me there is a crossover between the two, so they belong side by side.

  2. i say all one on website! lots of artists do both surface design and illustrations. look at jessica swift, lisa congdon, marisa anne!