February 15, 2013

good day, bad day

first, the good news: i woke up today to a happy tweet!

you can read more about my "love is in the clouds" banner here.

well, that's it. that was the highlight of my day.

i did finally get around launching a facebook page for studio aliQue - not a very exciting task, to be honest, but necessary. that's all. and that, i guess, is the bad news.

studio aliQue facebook page

facebook, twitter, blogger, pinterest, so important and useful, but also so time consuming. i was debating whether or not to blog at all tonight, given the fact that i didn't really create anything new although i did have all the good intentions to - but ran out of time. i chose to blog, because not everyday can be a good day, and i see no point in hiding the bad days, just for the sake of looking good.

i will be back on monday with new work. i have to.

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