February 11, 2013

love is in the clouds

last night i found out that the wonderful tigerprint studios are accepting valentine themed submissions for their homepage banner. so that's what i worked on today. i sketched my composition out, and then drew everything again in photoshop. it took me exactly 2.5 hours. did i time myself? no, but i did time my daughter's nap!

valentine's day tigerprint banner  in progress 

my submission to tigerprint (without my logo) | text/font provided by tigerprint

tigerprint rotates the submitted banners on their homepage, and if you click on a banner, you are guided to the carousel gallery where all the entries are displayed (mine isn't up yet). if you want to find out about a specific banner's designer, you can simply click on it. thank you, tigerprint!


  1. love it!!!
    and you not only work fast, but are also a Ps master... hehehhe

  2. this is really great. Are you drawing in PS with a Wacom tablet? MJ

  3. thank you! yes i have a small bamboo tablet. and my entry is now up! good morning!