February 5, 2013

going slightly mad at 5:15 am

i woke up at 5:15 am this morning. my daughter coughed and my earplugs are apparently useless. for a moment, i was infuriated that i woke up and she didn't. that's one of the many reasons "i don't wanna grow up", as tom waits, my favorite musician, puts it (you can watch him perform that song here). but i digress. the reason i am sharing this otherwise meaningless event is because i woke up thinking about a future blog post! now, i am not a oh-i-am-so-cool-and-important-that-i-need-to-enlighten-the-world-with-my-clever-insights-every-day kind of person, at least i don't think i am, and i started this blog simply because it will help me focus on what i love to do. so i don't want this to happen ever again. period.

i woke up to a busy schedule: midwife appointment, swimming, random errands, and fortunately, a little bit of designing. i continued working on the leaf motifs i started a couple of days ago. now they are ready to be duplicated, manipulated, moved around, and arranged in a tile that will repeat seamlessly. but i was told they look like pistachios! maybe i should call the pattern "abstract leaf" instead of "leaf" and hope for the best.

leaf motifs

assuming anyone is reading this, i have a small confession to make: i wrote most of this blog post in my head this morning while still in bed. and what's worse: i started typing it as soon as i got up, while sevag, my amazing husband, and the one who thinks my leaves look like pistachios, was cleaning up the mess our daughter made when she tipped the toilet bowl brush over. and here's the worst part: i just started scribbling that future blog post i was thinking about when i woke up at 5:15 am . in the words of another one of my favorite musicians: it finally happened, i'm slightly mad, i'm very slightly mad...(you can enjoy the performance by the beautifully crazy freddie mercury here.)

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