February 10, 2013

something new, and a new schedule

this weekend was good for starting new projects. today, i moved on to something new. literally, i am illustrating and designing a DVD sleeve cover for a short documentary by that title, produced by an environmental education institution. i realized that i still haven't shared any of my illustration work on this blog, so here's a peek into my process. below is a page of thumbnails that show how i start developing a concept. i had nothing at the beginning, but towards the end, i feel i am on to something.

thumbnails for something new

i also made a new decision regarding my blog. inspired by fellow designer tammie bennet, i have decided not to blog on weekends - i want to spend the weekends away from the laptop, enjoying my time with my family, friends, and neighbors. if anything super exciting happens, i can always share it on monday. so starting this week, this blog will be updated monday to friday.

i will switch off my laptop after i publish this post, promise.

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  1. what a great way to move along through the design process. MJ