February 20, 2013

little flower people

here's what i look at every morning, when i drink water or orange juice:

it's a glass we got in barcelona years ago, and i love the movement and playfulness of joan miro's figures. although i didn't end up uncluding miro's work in my 50's floral collection moodboard, i feel the sketches i did today are directly influenced by my morning ritual. i went back to yesterday's pencil drawings, and started painting some of the motifs in gouache, just to see how they would read when rendered in thicker lines. here's what happened:

motif development day 2 | acryla gouache on bristol paper

floral motif sketches,  detail

i am starting to think of these motifs as "little flower people", how does that sound for a collection name? i have to say it sounds more playful than "the penalties of hell", which is the title of miro's lithograph above, i just found out. but i still like to think of them as little people running around my glass of water every morning, and i hope that's ok.

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