February 12, 2013

three contradictions and a surprise

let me start by saying that i did nothing creative today. the weather was relatively warm, so i decided to go window shopping with a purpose. we need a rug for our daughter's room, and i wanted to check some out. the truth is i love things, but i hate shopping for things (contradiction №1). so when i go shopping, i must have a really good reason to. i ended up visiting many stores that had nothing to do with rugs, and it felt more like a trip to art galleries than a shopping one.

1. retro floral umbrella by jonathan adler 2. lil mo ladybug family rug 3. wrapping paper rack at papersource 4. päärynä mugs by maija and kristina isola for marimekko 5. vera canning dishtowel by vera neumann 6. johnny depp and juliet landeau in ed wood by tim burton at trident booksellers and cafe at 338 newbury street boston

contradiction №2: i don't like shopping for things i need, but i love buying things i don't really need. here's what i left the marimekko store with. i just couldn't leave empty handed!

puutarhurin parhaat (the gardener's best yield) and räsymatto (rag rug) by maijia louekari for marimekko

even though it took up a lot of my time, i am glad i went window shopping. first, i walked for 3.5 hours. second, our downstairs neighbor will soon be grateful for a rug in our daughter's bedroom. finally, i wanted to come back and research the products i had seen, so that i could write this post. which means this blog is serving its purpose: it is helping me focus on what i love to do.

the only thing i am not really happy about is that all the stores (except my final stop at trident booksellers and cafe) were big names, or chains. but i will make up for this one day by posting about local and independent shops that i love. for someone who doesn't like shopping, i know quite a lot of shops! that's contradiction №3.

and here's the best thing that happened today. my umbrella was recently stolen, so tonight my husband came home with this! 

joonas umbrella by maija isola for marimekko

i just love it. it is one of my favorite patterns ever. apparently she designed it standing over rolls of paper, while listening to pop music. now i can't wait for the rain!


  1. ALik... I love reading you. I know you've recently started blogging, but you do have that gift with words :)
    You found some pretty amazing things on your trip today, and your new umbrella is gorgeous!!! I LOVE MARIMEKKO!!!

  2. Great post, as MaJo pointed out. You're gifted. My own contradiction: I have no time to read anything, lots of patterns to make, but here I am, reading about your lovely journey. Thank you for sharing those visual and verbal treats!

  3. What a great post. Love all your truths about yourself, we all have them. I am a huge Marimekko fan and have been for years. While I was working in Paris a few years back, I got to meet two of the main people who run it now and they invited me to see the factory and studio, one day. I still have to do that. It is on my list of must do's.

  4. thank you all! you're making me blush:) MJ, what a great experience that would be!! can people visit it, or do you need an invitation?

  5. Alik, I really enjoyed reading your post and your contradictions and little surprise :-) I love Marimekko too. Thank you for sharing xxx